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Otherworldly Ravenous Beast (abbreviated as ORB) is an action-comedy-adventure animated cartoon webseries created by Steppi Berry on YouTube. It's production began in late 2018 and its first episode released on December 5th, 2020. Despite not following general rules, it is considered to be a type of web cartoon known as an "object show."


A small, growing community of sapient creatures (some of whom are more obviously anthropomorphic objects than others) who live on a sentient planet Earth accidentally unleash an evil, ancient entity known as ORB. The entity decides to not only mess with the laws of reality, but also makes some of the creatures compete in a competition show.

According to Steppi, the show will be half-competition game show and half-adventure. It will also have viewer voting.

Development and Production

An early sketch of characters from Otherworldly Ravenous Beast, in order of creation.

The concept of Otherworldly Ravenous Beast began in December of 2018, when series creator Steppi Berry was fazing out a previous project that they didn't have the ability to work on and decided to do an object show not just for the sake of doing one, but but to create a fun spin on the category of web cartoons The art style and character designs were inspired by pre-split Battle for BFDI, Race to the Mansion of Tomorrow, Bojack Horseman, and a manga that they had read, but couldn't remember. The designs were also partially inspired by Pokémon. Adventure Time was also an inspiration for the locations seen in the show.

Production on the first episode, Otherworbly Ravenous Beast, began in January of 2019, though it was eventually put on hold until March 2020. Steppi Berry updated people both on their main twitter account (@memory_bones) and an official ORB account, @BeastRavenous. The first episode eventually got a sneak peek on June 16th and was eventually released on December 5th.


NOTE: Since we don't know which characters are contestants, we will only refer to these characters (with the exception of ORB) as just characters until further notice.


  1. "Otherworbly Ravenous Beast"


These shorts are refereed to as "ORB Minis".

  1. "Pen Pals"
  2. "Thanks for 1 A"


  • It is unknown if this show will have more than one season, but Steppi has stated that this will depend on how much character development will be in the first season.
  • There will be an opening sequence starting in ORB 2.